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The Government has been working hard to revolutionise the whole testing process, starting with ATFs and now the NGT scheme.

“Next Generation Testing will provide a flexible, customer focused service to a demanding, 24/7 sector. The challenge is to meet and exceed the needs of the dynamic transport, supply-chain and logistics industries, whilst continuing to underpin and improve road safety.”


Essentially, NGT will bring us extended testing hours, and coupled with more testing centres in the form of local ATFs, this is sure to further boost the economy and efficiency of logistics. The testing of large commercial vehicles is no longer viewed as a necessary evil, but is far more customer centric, taking into account the values of companies that hold safety and compliance in high regard, and changing the process to make it easier, more flexible and in the long run, a safer industry.

Grayline Commercial - industry leaders in ATF
Grayline is proud to be one of the facilities that offers NGT as we have always been customer focussed and passionate about improving the efficiency of vehicles and logistics operations. We want Grayline ATF to be an industry leader, pioneering government schemes that improve the industry and wholeheartedly support those which are sure to bring far reaching benefits to our customers.

Along with being one of the best sites for accessibility, Grayline Commercial and ATF will be known for putting our customers first, keeping them on the road longer, or getting them back on it quicker, with extremely high safety standards, and with a flexibility that suits your business.

Book your visit to Grayline ATF today on 01869 244610 or visit Oxfordshire’s premier ATF just off the A41 Near Bicester.

Next Generation Testing, or NGT is a technology introduced in 2015 by the government in the UK, to potentially allow safety and MOT testing of PCVs, LGVs and HGVs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As an ATF centre, Grayline is proud to say we are a DVSA Licenced Testing Station, carrying out the tests on vans, lorries, coaches and other commercial vehicles and we are excited about the reforms.

ATF was introduced in 2010, allowing private centres to carry out testing of large vehicles with on-site DVSA inspectors, completely transforming the commercial vehicle testing process. No longer do drivers have to travel long distances in order to test their vehicles, with private centres in operation, the logistics industry has seen a boost in economy and a much more convenient way of testing.
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Grayline ATF and Next Generation Testing           April 2017